Usually a living room is a place where there is no consideration given to storage. But if you provide the living room with storage you can make it neater and clutter-free. With everything having its own place, your living room will look more spacious too. So, here are some awesome living room storage ideas:

1. A Shelving Unit That Wraps Around The Sofa

living room storage
Image via: koleksiyoninternational
One great way to add storage to a living room is by putting a shelf that wraps around the sofa. You can either purchase one from a furniture store or ask your carpenter to make one from scratch according to the size of the sofa.

2. A Storage Coffee Table

living room storage
Image via: scandinaviandesigns
Your coffee table can do so much more than just a surface for putting things. If you get a coffee table with storage compartments you can stash in some books, remotes and even throw blankets.

3. A Bookcase Wall

living room storage
Image via: houzz
If you have a wall to spare in your living room, you can get a bookcase built that can not only store your books, but many other knick knacks that normally clutter the tabletops of your living room.

4. Wicker Baskets with Lids Instead of Side Tables

living room storage
Image via: sincerelymariedesigns
If you want to boost storage of the living room while keeping minimal stuff then you can swap the end table with wicker baskets like these. Their shape allows them to be easily stacked over each other and you can store your magazines and blankets inside them. The top of the upper basket can serve as a table too.

5. Hack IKEA Bookcases

living room storage
Image via: honeybearlane
You can combine two IKEA bookcases to make a long storage unit like this. Just fix a tabletop on top of the storage unit and place it under the TV screen.

6. Put a Sideboard

living room storage
Image via: houzz
In many homes, the living room is also the play area for kids which means at the end of the day there are toys all over the place. But if you put a sideboard along a wall with bins for toys your living room can look a lot neater.

7. Replace The Sofas with Storage Benches

living room storage
Image via: cybball
If you are willing to give up on the sofa for storage then you can get built-in benches with storage. To make them cozy make sure the cushions are comfortable.

8. A Hideaway Workstation

living room storage
Image via: gordonjames
If your living room has a niche or an alcove then you can fix a door and turn it into a workstation that can be hidden away when not in use. You can also transform an alcove into a linen closet if your home has none.

9. A Storage Ottoman

living room storage
Image via: urbanoutfitters
An ottoman with storage can not only become a coffee table whenever needed but can be a catchall for all the remotes, magazines, books and throw blankets too.

10. A Storage Room Divider

living room storage
Image via: houzz
If your living room is part of a studio apartment or an open concept home then you must know how important it is to divide the space. But instead of using a screen as a room divider you can put a shelf that will store and divide the space simultaneously.

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