Staying at home for sure can bring stress to many. But there are different ways to de-stress because self-care is essential at such a time. Once you are out of it, you don’t want to live with after-effects of stress. So, stay positive and try these ideas to de-stress: 

Practice Deep Breathing

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Tune yourself into a deep breathing pattern every few hours. Deep breathing calms your nervous system. It helps your mind to stay clutter-free. Deep inhales and exhales, coupled with meditation, will have even more benefit. Light up a scented candle if you want. Inhale to the count of 4, pause for 2 seconds, and then exhale to the count of 8. 

Take a Nap

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Sometimes a good nap fixes everything that’s bothering you. When stress levels are high, take a nap to let your mind and body relax. Put some relaxing nature sounds or zen music on that will lull you to sleep. Power naps will boost your mood. It will improve your work performance if you are working from home. 

Have a Dance Party

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Can’t go to your friends? No problem. Blast some music and dance to it. Invite your family members too if they want to join. Dancing will help release some endorphins that are feel-good hormones. You can also have a karaoke night. Or follow a Zumba class from youtube. Make sure not to be too loud otherwise you might disturb your neighbours. 

Take a Break from News and Social Media

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After the onset of this pandemic, we are all bombarded with news on TV and social media. So, take a step back. Fix almost 5 mins twice a day to watch the news. You are less likely to become anxious with controlled news exposure. You will stay updated while keeping stress at bay.

Write a Journal

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Many psychologists concur about the de-stressing power of writing a journal. Take some time out, and write everything down that crosses your mind. It doesn’t have to make sense. Once you transfer your thoughts on a piece of paper, they are out of your system. You will feel calm and lighter after trying this technique. You can reflect upon many things while having a catharsis. 

Try Something Creative

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Do you like to paint or draw? Grab a brush or a pencil and get going! Creating things will not only de-stress you, but you will also have a sense of achievement. If you are good at playing any instrument, make your own compositions. Making crafts is a great way to keep kids busy too.