A terrarium is a wonderful way to introduce a miniature landscape inside your home. They are easy to assemble and take very little time if you gather all the materials needed beforehand. We have collected some DIY terrarium ideas that will surely inspire you and spark your creativity:

1. Make A Woodland Terrarium Inside an Apothecary Jar

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: houseofhawthornes
To make this terrarium first you have to put a layer of small river rocks around the edges of the jar’s bottom. Then fill it with soil and add plants. Decorate it further with artificial moss and a plastic toy bear to give a woodland effect.

2. Use Picture Frames

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: eaudecollage
Join three equal sized picture frames with any type of tape. Then make a triangle of the frames and apply hot glue to retain the shape of the frames in this form. Remove the tape and put this triangle picture frame enclosure on a dish. Fill it with fine gravel and then fix artificial cacti. This idea is great for those who have a brown thumb.

3. Create A Terrarium with Dinosaurs for Kids

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: craftsbycourtney
This terrarium is so easy to make that even your kids can help you with it. You just have to fill a small greenhouse container with faux moss rocks and moss along some artificial succulents. In the end put dinosaur toys inside and voila!

4. Use Magnetic Jars

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: soapdelinews
You can also rethink magnetic spice jars as tiny terrariums that you can either display on the fridge or on a seperate magnetic sheet fixed on a wall.

5. Get Creative with Coloured Sand

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: designimprovised
This one is a 5 minute DIY terrarium project. Fill glasses with layers of coloured sand and then put artificial succulents or air plants inside the layered sand.

6. Reimagine A Wine Glass

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: colonialgardenskc
You can also make a tiny terrarium inside a wine glass and add cuteness to it with miniature decorations that are used for decorating fairy gardens.

7. Rethink A Spice Jar

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: etsy
You can make a tiny tabletop terrarium inside a spice jar. First layer natural elements such as sand, mulch, river rocks and soil and then add a plant.

8. Make A Coffee Pot Terrarium

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: acharmingproject
Fill a coffee pot with sand and a layer of river stones. Then put air plants along other decorations such as a crystal, artificial moss and a straw ball.

9. Make An Old Fish Tank Greenhouse

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: hometalk
Wash a small old fish tank thoroughly and then let it dry completely. Then spread a layer of perlite and perch mini planters on top of it.

10. Repurpose A Light Bulb

diy terrarium ideas
Image via: thehipsterho
Remove the top seal and inside parts of a light bulb and fill it with sand and air plants. To give it support for placing on a tabletop, make dots of glue using a hot glue gun.