It is amazing how simple wall art can transform a space altogether. And if the wall decor is unusual it will be even more exciting to look at. So, here are some ideas for making unusual wall art for your home:

1. A Wall Decor with Dip Painted Spoons

unusual wall decor
Image via: ajoyfulriot

If you have a set of spoons that you don’t use anymore then use them to decorate the wall of your dining room. You just have to dip them partially in paints in colours of your choice. Once dried fix them to the wall with command strips. You could also do this with plastic spoons if you want.

2. An Instagram Inspired Wall

unusual wall decor
Image via: trenduhome
Go through your Instagram feed and select the photos you like the most. Then make a digital collage of the photos and print them and use them to decorate the wall of your bedroom. You can also print individual photos and then make a collage manually but that might take a bit more time.

3. A Bicycle with a Planter

unusual wall decor
Image via: homebnc
If you have an exposed brick wall in your living room and you can’t think of any way to spruce it up then you can fix a real bicycle on the wall. You can also add a planter to make it even more interesting. The green color of the plant will accentuate the brick wall well.

4. A Constellation Wall Art

unusual wall decor
Image via: asubtlerevelry
If you have a thing for minimalist wall art then you can create a constellation with black dot stickers, some star stickers and black thread.

5. An Assorted Print Skateboard Wall Decor

unusual wall decor
Image via: jandjdesigngroup
Go to your nearby sports shops and get a collection of skateboards that look good together. And then group them into wall art for your kid’s bedroom. Better still, find old boards on Ebay and repurpose them.

6. Vintage China Dish Wall Art

unusual wall decor
Image via: domesticfashionista
If you have a collection of old vintage china dishes lying around in a dark corner of your kitchen cabinet or the dining room cabinet, then take them out. Create a unique wall decoration with them.

7. DIY String Art

unusual wall decor
Image via: thesweetescape
This wall art is quick and easy with stunning results. You just have to knot long strings of embroidery floss to a dowel and then fix it on a wall using hooks or brackets. This type of wall art is a great way to introduce colour to a living room.

8. Badminton Rackets Staircase Wall Decor

unusual wall decor
Image via: houseofturquoise
Your staircase wall looks empty and you need a quick fix? If yes, then hang a few old badminton rackets in a row and see the difference. Again, look for these on Ebay and repurpose some old rackets.

9. A Wood Block 3D Mosaic Wall Art

unusual wall decor
Image via: etsy DInteriorsShop
This wall art can be created by staining equal sized wood blocks with varying thicknesses.

10. A Fun Twine Mickey Mouse Wall Decor Idea

unusual wall decor
Image via: yohodisney , pinterest
To make this you have to draw a silhouette of the Mickey Mouse. And then hammer nails along the silhouette, each one inch apart from another. Then comes the fun part. Start making webs of twine or thread along the nails until the silhouette is filled. You can make this wall art on a wood board too and then hang it.