Build a better tomorrow by living in your dream home today

with the highest insulation and
strength in Cyprus

What is Ecotek?

Together we can create a home tailored to your exact requirements.

Due to its super-insulation, your home will be less demanding on the environment and your heating and cooling will only cost a fraction compared to standard houses.

The Kingspan TEK Building System

Extreme strength and safety, high-level thermal insulation, short building time, high flexibility in terms of design and style are all benefits you can enjoy when working with Ecotek.

All these benefits are provided by the Kingspan TEK Building System the core element in all of our house builds

Years of experience.

With over 170 completed projects, we have built trust with our experience.

Ecotek can make your dream house a reality, and even better than you imagined.

Over 170 projects completed in Cyprus.

Ricky Shields

Ricky Shields

“We are overwhelmingly happy with our home, and always happy in the winter when visitors are amazed at how warm it is without any heating whatsoever.”

Ecotek Green Living house logo with tree in it and text underneath

Ecotek is your best choice because:

10 years Structural Defects warranty

Instead of the usual 1-year warranty that is usually offered by others, we can offer you a full 10 years structural defects warranty for your home. To achieve this, our building standards, materials and workmanship will be the best available meaning more security and peace of mind for you and your family.


90% less heating and cooling

Imagine having super low energy bills. With the savings you will have with an Ecotek house, you could take your family on an extra holiday each year.

Earthquake, fire, sound and insect resistant

By adhering to the higher EU standards than those set in Cyprus, your house will be stronger, healthier, safer, and better protected than a standard house.


Your home completed in half the time

Imagine the possibility of being able to move into your new home in 6 months instead of a year, after the day work starts on site.


We can build any design and any style

Your house can be to your taste, in any style and with any feature that you want it to have. There is no limit to what we can build for you.

Cheaper and easier to build your home

Your budget can go further with an Ecotek house as they are cheaper to build than a standard concrete house, with the same specifications and finishes.

Ecotek Green Living house logo with tree in it and text underneath

Ecotek Certificates

Your heating and cooling bills, at a fraction of the cost of standard houses.

Ecotek Green Living house logo with tree in it and text underneath

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