with the highest insulation and
strength in Cyprus

with the highest insulation and
strength in Cyprus

What is Ecotek?

We build super-insulated next generation Eco houses to your specific requirements.

Whether you are about to start, or have a set of drawings already – we can take your project and deliver it to you. Exactly on time and to your budget.

The Kingspan TEK Building System

This is an introduction to the unique building system that is the core element in all of our house builds.

Not only does it give extreme strength and safety, it also provides one of the highest levels of thermal insulation available today in Cyprus.

Years of experience.

With over 170 completed projects, we have built trust with our experience.

Ecotek can make your dream house a reality, and even better than you imagined.

Over 170 projects completed in Cyprus.

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Why is an Ecotek house better for you?

10 years Structural Defects warranty

We are the only company in our field that includes a comprehensive warranty, for your peace of mind.


90% less heating and cooling

An Ecotek house uses a fraction of energy of a standard house, with our advanced Super Thermal insulation.

Earthquake, fire, sound and insect resistant

We adhere to stricter EU regulations in our buildings rather than the lower local requirements.


Your home completed in half the time

Offsite fabrication allows our builds to be up to 50% faster than traditional building methods.


We can build any design and any style

Our versatile construction system is adaptable to any style, without compromising the design in any way.

Cheaper and easier to build your home

With Ecotek, you can save on your building costs, without compromising quality.

Ricky Shields

Ricky Shields

“We are overwhelmingly happy with our home, and always happy in the winter when visitors are amazed at how warm it is without any heating whatsoever.”

Ecotek Green Living house logo with tree in it and text underneath

Ecotek Certificates

Your heating and cooling bills, at a fraction of the cost of standard houses.

Ecotek Green Living house logo with tree in it and text underneath

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