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Energy efficient Eco homes with the highest insulation and strength available in Cyprus.

We build super insulated next generation Eco houses to your specific requirements.

What is Ecotek?

We understand how confusing and stressfull building your own house can be, especially if this is your first time, so we tailor our service to meet your specific needs. Whether you don’t even know where to start or have a set of drawings already we can take your project on board and deliver it to you exactly on time and to your budget.

Your trust is important to us so we initially will spend time in determining exactly how much your house will cost to build and then we will painsakingly work with you to see if the result meets your needs. Once we are clear that you are satisfied with the intial stages we will then plan the construction of your home and the corresponding timescale.

We have so far delivered over 150 completed homes all over Cyprus and are thus confident that you will find that with Ecotek, your dream house is in safe hands.

A barn like designed house with green grass and creeping plants in bright sunlight

Ecotek can make your dream house a reality
but better than you imagined!

The Kingspan TEK Building System

This is an introduction to the unique building system that is the core element in all of our house builds.
Not only does it give extreme strength and safety it also provides one of the highest levels of thermal insulation available today in Cyprus.

We are overwhelmingly happy with our home, and always happy in the winter when visitors are amazed at how warm it is without any heating whatsoever.

Ricky Shields

With over 150 completed projects,
we built trust with our experience!

A house with a beautiful courtyard with wooden chairs and creeping plants under a blue sky.
A modern Eco house with dramatic lines and bold colours under a cloudy sky
A modern Eco house with a swooping curved roof and glass stairwell
A group of contemporary village houses built in stone with white walls under a blue sky

Why is an Ecotek house is better for you?

10 years Structural Defects warranty

We are the only company in our field that include a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

90% less heating and cooling than a traditional house

Ecotek’s homes use a fraction of energy of a standard house with our advanced Super Thermal insulation..

Earthquake, Fire, Sound and Insect resistant.

We adhere to stricter EU regulations in our buildings rather than the lower local requirements.

Your home completed in half the time.

Offsite fabrication allow our builds to be up to 50% faster than traditional building methods.

We can build any design and any style.

Our versatile construction system is adaptable to any style without compromising the design in any way.

Cheaper and easier to build your home

With Ecotek you can save up to 30% of your building costs without compromising quality.

What our clients say about us

“We researched as many eco build options as we could find on the island and found some really great systems. We think Ecotek is a great choice if you want to build an energy efficient house but ultimately we chose them over the other companies because of their excellent service during our research. This excellent service continued throughout the building process and we couldn’t be happier with Steve and his team. Everyone working on the project had excellent knowledge of their field and now that the project is over we understand more than ever how important service and communication is when it comes to building a house. Thank you Ecotek for a fantastic house and a fantastic building experience! “

George & Louisa Georgiou

Directors, Lithotechnic

Our New Life in an Ecotek Home

“We have been living in Cyprus for 13 years now and it’s only for the last 5 years that we haven’t had that feeling of utter dread as winter approached. Winters were miserable, I preferred to sit in the car and read my book than freeze in our concrete house. Retiring to bed was delayed as it meant taking off several layers of clothing only to then dress again for the arctic, and forgetting to turn on the electric blanket was almost a case for divorce!

Winter also meant several huge oil deliveries which meant cutting back on meals out and general spending so entertainment was sitting around the gas fire complete with dressing gown over clothes reading a book wearing fingerless gloves!

Life since building our Ecotek house is now sweet. Winter is the time for doing things that the high summer temps prevent. Our fuel bill is now approximately 26 euro, which is he cost of 2 gas bottles. Our gas heater warms the whole house! A/C is a dirty word in our house as our daughters have realized. Visitors from UK are quite amazed that their room is not stifling hot even in August and if they are being wimps then they only need a quick blast of A/C which I think is purely psychological! It has been known for us to have our bedroom French doors open overnight even in January!

We had to swap our 13 tog duvet for 10 tog and can still sleep wearing nothing but a smile!

Friends who come round in winter start stripping off as soon as they come in, cursing that they forget how warm our house is, but we have now had to refrain from going on about it because we don’t want them to go home miserable. The fact that on Christmas morning we can get up at 6am and sit round the tree opening gifts without even putting a fire on speaks volumes.”

Simon & Tania Grange

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